Dont just raise fund, Raise Demand.

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Introduction to how it works

If you raise funds in BelasKasih, please note that the success or failure of a fund is determined by you as a Fundraiser.
BelasKasih only provides online pages, while you must ensure and invite people to donate on your fundyard page.
There are only 2 important keys to making a successful fundraiser at

  • Share: Spread the campaign to the right prospective donors.
  • Story: Write stories that attract people to donate.

  • Share is the main key because 70% of donations at come from friends / family closest to the campaigner. While an interesting story will strengthen the reason for prospective donors to decide to donate on your fundraising page.
    Therefore, focus on these two things: spread the fundraising page to the right people and write the right story.

    Click the Start Campaign button and complete the form to create a campaign page.
    Note: to raise funds, you must have an BelasKasih account