Terms And Conditions

The latest revision as of Desember 1, 2018


General requirements

A. Definition

In these Terms and Conditions what is meant by:

1.1 Account is an arrangement (arrangement) between Platform Providers
with the Visitor Platform or User Platform based on which Platform Visitor or Platform User is granted access by
Platform Provider for Platform features after registering
personal data, user name (username) and password (password).

1.2 BANI stands for Indonesian National Arbitration Board,
an arbitration institution in the form of a legal entity
through deed No.23 dated June 14, 2016, which was made before Ny.Hj.Devi Kantini Rolaswati, SH, M.Kn, Notari in Jakarta, which was approved by the Minister of Justice and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia with Decree No. AHU-0064837.AH.01.07.Tahun 2016, June 20, 2016, following the changes.

1.3 Beneficiaries are:

i. Parties concurrently as Campaigners and registered on the Platform; or
ii. Other parties besides Campaigners who are individuals, groups, business entities or legal entities, who receive benefits (beneficiary) for funds from a Campaign.

1.4 Funds are donations or donations (donations) which are declared in Rupiah.

1.5 Wallet is an electronic wallet (electronic wallet) on the platform provided
by Platform Providers as electronic financial services in the network for holding and / or channeling Funds.

1.6 Campaign is a Fundraising effort for the purpose of
specific objectives, including, but not limited to, the category of assistance
medical, athletes and sports facilities, infrastructure, education and scholarships,
diffable, umrah and hajj, orphanages and houses of worship, good with
or without a reward agreement.

1.7 Random Campaign is a randomly chosen Campaign
based on the full discretion of the Platform Provider to receive the results of the Fundraising of another Campaign under certain circumstances.

1.8 Campaigners are individuals, groups, business entities or legal entities
who uses a Fundraising Facility on a Platform for a
Certain campaigns and are responsible for the implementation of the relevant campaign.

1.9 Donors are individuals, groups, business entities and legal entities that register to the Platform to support the Campaign by channeling Funds.

2.0 Fundraiser is a person or organization that expresses support for a campaign created by the campaigner in the form of creating a new campaign page that is linked to the main campaign. Funds that come from the fundraiser page will be included in the main campaign.

2.1 Content is any type of material and / or content created and / or uploaded to the Platform independently by User generated content and not by Platform Providers.

2.2 Prohibited Content is any type of material and / or content that violates statutory provisions.

2.3 Reports are notifications submitted by the Visitor Platform
and / or Platform Users to Platform Providers about already or being
or suspected violation of Terms and Conditions.

2.4 Fund Disbursement Partners are banks that cooperate with
Platform Provider in order to facilitate Disbursement of Funds.

2.5 Implementation of the Campaign is the stage of realization or realization
from the aims and objectives of a Campaign using results
The relevant fundraising is responsible.

2.6 Disbursement of Funds is the act of transferring the Provider of the Platform Funds collected in:
i. Wallets in the name of donors, to accounts of origin of donors; or
ii. Wallet on behalf of a Campaigner or Beneficiary, to the destination account that has been designated Campaigner or Beneficiary at the time of registration conducted on request (request) Donors, Campaigners or Beneficiaries.

2.7 Fundraising is the process of collecting funds from the community
in the framework of development in the fields of social welfare, mentality, religion,
spirituality, physical and cultural.

2.8 Users of the Platform consist of Campaigners, Campaigners
and / or Beneficiary, both directly and indirectly, as applicable.

2.9 Platform Visitors are parties who access, open and obtain information from the Platform.

3.0 Platform is a container in the form of applications, internet sites and / or other internet-based services that are used for transactions and / or facilitation of Fundraising through electronic systems managed and provided by YAYASAN BELAS KASIH INDONESIA including, but not limited to the BelasKasih.com site.

3.1 Complaint is a report accompanied by a request to the Platform Provider to check Platform Users who have or are currently or suspected of violating the Terms and Conditions.

3.2 Platform Providers are YAYASAN BELAS KASIH INDONESIA which organizes online crowdfunding programs based on the Decree of the Minister of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia No.1192 / HUK-PS / 2017 concerning Permit for Organizing Collection of Donations to the Kita Kita Foundation in South Jakarta on December 5 2017 .

3.3 Terms and Conditions are the terms and conditions for using the Platform that are determined and can be changed at any time by the Platform Provider and are binding on Platform Visitors and / or Platform Users.

3.4 Update is a feature found on the campaign page that is enabled for each campaigner to be able to provide notifications to all donors via email automatically regarding the latest state of the campaign, use of funds and other matters.

3.5 Verification is the act of checking the truth and completeness carried out by the Platform Provider on the Accounts, Content and / or Disbursement of Funds registered, uploaded and / or requested by the Platform Users, or for other purposes based on the full discretion of the Platform Provider.

B. Operational Costs and Additional Fees

  1. Funds obtained from Campaign through the Platform will be subject to administrative fees:
    i. By Platform Providers of 3% (three percent), except for the category of natural disasters and zakat which are channeled through verified organizations / legal entities and will become a book partner, they will be set at 0% (zero percent);
    ii. By the Fund Disbursement Partner, the amount of which can be seen by clicking here;
  2. In the event that there are taxes, levies and / or other levies imposed by the laws and regulations that apply to Funds obtained from the Campaign, the Platform Provider will set additional costs in accordance with the amount specified in the relevant legislation.

C. Voluntary Disclosure

All disclosures by Platform Visitors or Platform Users in the form of questions, statements, comments, ideas, criticisms, suggestions or information on the Platform, which are not disclosures required or requested by Platform Providers, are voluntary disclosures. ) and is fully the responsibility of the Platform Visitor or the Platform User concerned.

D. Position of BelasKasih

BelasKasih is Not a Broker / Institution for Charity Distributors / Financial Institutions / Creditors.

BelasKasih.com is a platform to facilitate donation transactions between campaigners and donors. Compassion is not responsible for the implementation, or information provided by campaigners, donors, beneficiaries or other users. Compassion: We hereby waive all liability in this matter as long as it is permitted by applicable law in Indonesia.
All information in the content of the campaign provided by Belas is part of the notification, we do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, timeliness or truth of the content made by the campaigner.
So, you know that the information and content that is on the campaign page on our site is at your own risk.

BelasKasih does not guarantee that every campaign on our site will get a certain amount of donation or it will be fulfilled. Compassion, either implicitly or explicitly, does not always support the implementation of a campaign, unless there is a written agreement in advance. We firmly reject the obligation or responsibility for the failure of each campaign or the total donations that the campaigner sets are not fulfilled.

E. Reports and Complaints

1.1 Platform Visitors and Platform Users have the right to submit Reports and / or Complaints to Platform Providers regarding the alleged and / or event violations of these Terms and Conditions, including, but not limited to:

i. Platform Visitors or Platform Users who enter data and information that is incomplete, incorrect, misleading and / or is a forgery;
ii. Platform Visitors or Platform Users who enter and upload Prohibited Content;
iii. Campaigners who abuse funds originating from the Campaign; and / or
iv. Campaigners who do not fulfill or only fulfill part of the Campaign Implementation, or fulfill the Campaign Implementation but are not in accordance with what was promised by the Campaigner through the Platform.

1.2 Prohibited Content as referred to in letter a point ii above includes, but is not limited to:
i. Negative content (pornography, gambling, violence);
ii. Content with hate material;
iii. Graphic image content that causes horror;
iv. Content that violates intellectual property rights;
v. Hacking and / or cracking services and / or providing unauthorized or unlawful access to electronic systems
vi. Content of supply and / or access to drugs, addictive substances, and psychotropic substances
vii. Content with material dishonesty, cheating or misleading;
viii. Content that supports human trafficking (human trafficking); and / or
ix. Content of provision and / or access to cigarettes
x. Content with a Practical Political content, namely content on each campaign that contains an invitation content to choose certain individuals or political parties, whether carried out by individuals or other legal entities.

1.3 Reports and Complaints submitted by Platform Visitors or
Platform Users to Platform Providers by filling out
report form on the Campaign page of the Campaigner in question.

1.4 By submitting a Report and Complaint, the Platform Visitor or Platform User agrees and is willing to be called as
witnesses to be asked for information in the framework of the investigation, including,
but not limited to, facing Platform Providers, related agencies,
law enforcement officers, and / or court.

F. Deactivation, Termination and Deletion of Account

1.1 Platform Visitors or Platform Users have the right to submit deactivation requests and / or termination and deletion of the Account registered with their name on the Platform to the Platform Provider by sending an email to support@belaskasih.com
accompanied by reasons.

1.2 Deactivation and / or termination and deletion of Account from Visitor Platform
or Platform Users are carried out with due regard to the obligations of Platform Providers
to store personal data according to the time limit specified in
legislation that is effective from the date of deactivation and / or
termination and deletion of the account.

1.3 The Platform Provider has the right to deactivate and / or terminate and delete the Account from the Platform Visitor or Platform User if proven
violates these Terms and Conditions.

G. Data Storage Limit

You know that the site has limitations in providing services to all users of the site, including restrictions on the duration of data or other content stored
by server Belas Thank you on your behalf. Because our server has maximum capacity
to store data for all users. So from that reason, you agree and
understand that we have the right to terminate the account or campaign on your behalf
who has been inactive for a certain period of time, before doing so
We will try to give advance notice to you via email.

H. Site User Terms

1.1 17 years old or between the ages of 13 and 16 accompanied by parental supervision;

1.2 Visitors to this site must declare themselves to be competent in the eyes of the law so that they can be responsible for any actions or omissions if they violate these terms and conditions;

1.3 It is not permissible for site visitors to take actions that may violate privacy provisions as set out in the privacy policy on this site.

I. Notification

Platform Visitors or Platform Users agree and are willing to accept all notifications through electronic media, including, but not limited to e-mail, short messaging services or SMS or / instant messaging that they register on the Platform and for that give permission to the Platform Provider to contact Platform Visitors or Platform Users through the electronic media.

J. Public Content

You acknowledge that any information that you display on our content or services can be accessed by the public, such as names, telephone numbers, e-mail and social media. We do this so that there is information disclosure for site users so that they cannot arouse suspicion or other prejudices that cannot be accounted for.

Provisions for Campaigners

Warning: You agree that BelasKasih is not responsible or obliged
for your removal or failure to store data or content on your account or campaign. In addition, you are obliged to maintain the confidentiality of your password and the security of your own account. We recommend that you always maintain the confidentiality of your account from other parties, ensuring that you ‘log out’ every time you use the service on the BelasKasih site. If later you find that your account is misused or accessed by other parties without your consent, immediately contact us via email: abuse@belaskasih.com so we can process your account.
Through your agreement we can take several actions to prevent account abuse such as: temporary account freezing, account deletion or account blocking. We are not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from your failure to comply with the rules in this section.

A. Requirements to be a Campaigner

1.1 If individuals, are those who have been declared legally mature marked by having a KTP (Identity Card) and have been at least 17 years old, if under age it must be represented by a parent / guardian;

1.2 If the Legal Entity is an organization / community / foundation that has (Taxpayer Identification Number) NPWP and Notary Deed (Legal Evidence) concerning the establishment of the organization / community / foundation concerned;

1.3 Willing to carry out a series of account verification processes and other completeness if necessary;

1.4 Campaigner guarantees that any information provided to the Kitabisa site is true and reliable data.

B. Obligatory Campaigner

Campaigners must:

1.1 Guarantee and declare that all information entered and uploaded by the Campaigner to the Platform, including, but not limited to:
i. Relationship between Campaigners and Beneficiaries;
ii. Status as not a party involved in criminal or civil law processes; and
iii. The status of being not a state organizer as referred to in Law Number 28 of 1999 concerning the Implementation of a Clean and Free of Corruption Country, is in accordance with facts and truth that can be accounted for;

1.2 Guarantees and states that all Content entered and uploaded by the Campaigner to the Platform does not contain Prohibited Content;

1.3 Appoint 1 (one) bank account from one of the Funds Disbursing Partners as the destination account in the context of Disbursement of Funds which cannot be changed, except in an emergency, where the Campaigner can submit a request for data changes to the Platform Provider by sending an email to the @ kitabisa campaign. com accompanied by reasons;

1.4 In the case of a Campaign destination in the form of a work or idea:
i. Declare that the work or idea is an original work; or
ii. Stating that it has obtained certain permits if sourced from the work of other parties, as stipulated in the laws and regulations concerning applicable intellectual property rights;

1.5 Agree and be willing to release the Platform Provider from any claims or lawsuits, and to replace any losses that the Platform Provider may experience in the future for, but not limited to, the following:
i. The implementation of a Campaign that is not fulfilled, partially fulfilled or fulfilled but not in accordance with what was promised by the Campaigner through the Platform;
ii. Reduction and / or misuse of Funds by Campaigners; and
iii. Any other unlawful acts that occur either during, during or after the Campaign period and / or the Implementation of the Campaign.

C. Prohibition of Inclusion of Personal Accounts or Other Parties

1.1 Campaigners are prohibited from including personal accounts from Campaigners on the Campaign page on the Platform.

1.2 In the event that the Campaigner receives donations outside the network from the Donor, and not
through Wallet on the Platform, the Campaigner is fully responsible
on the legal relationship that arises between the Campaigner and the relevant Donors.

D. Special Cooperation

1.1 Campaigners can enter into special cooperation with certain Platform Providers for Campaign as outlined in separate agreements, which regulate the rights and obligations of the parties.

1.2 The Platform Provider has full discretion to agree or reject the specific cooperation proposed by the Campaigner.

1.3 You can contact us via support@belaskasih.com to get more information.

E. Implementation of the Campaign

In the Implementation of the Campaign, the Campaigner is obliged to:

1.1 Carry out what was promised in the Campaign through
Platform, including complete fulfillment of rewards to donors
in the event that a reward has been promised;

1.2 Provide a transparent Campaign Implementation report,
credible and equipped with supporting documentation and evidence
appropriate to Donatu and Platform Manager through the Platform;

1.3 In the case of a special cooperation agreement between Campaigners
with the Platform Provider, carrying out its obligations as such
contained in the special cooperation agreement; and

1.4 In the event that the Campaign Implementation cannot be fulfilled according to
which has been promised and / or cannot be fulfilled at all because of a
force, immediately submit a report to the Platform Provider
by sending an email to abuse@belaskasih.com to be followed up.

F. Appointment and Provision of Power to Platform Providers

Campaigner agrees and agrees to appoint and authorize
to Platform Providers to act for and on behalf of the Campaigner
to do, among other things, the following:

1.1 Become an exclusive intermediary between Campaigners and Donors and / or disseminators of information from Campaigns conducted by Campaigners;

1.2 Store and manage Funds from Donors who have entered Wallet on behalf of Campaigners;

1.3 In the event that there is a special cooperation agreement between the Campaigner and the Platform Provider, then the Campaigner and Platform Provider will act as agreed in the special agreement; and

1.4 Everything needed for the implementation of the above powers, including,
but not limited to, signing every document required,
do correspondence with and face to the authorized agency,
notary and / or other public officials.

G. Rejection and Delay Verification

Platform Providers have full authority to reject and / or delay Verification of Accounts and / or Disbursement of Funds if the Campaigner:

1.1 Has not submitted sufficient data regarding the registration of Accounts and / or Disbursement of Funds to Platform Providers; or

1.2 Allegedly violated or potentially violated the Terms and Conditions.

H. Campaign closure

1.1 Platform Providers have full authority to close the Campaign
if the Campaigner is found to have violated the Terms and Conditions.

1.2 In the event that the Platform Provider closes a Campaign, the Fund has
entry into the Wallet from the relevant Campaigner will be distributed to the Random Campaign.

I. Campaigner Provisions

1.1 Campaigner guarantees and states that all content provided to the Kitabisa site both in writing, photos and videos described in the description is in accordance with facts and truth that can be justified;

1.2 Every fundraising is the full responsibility of the campaigner and / or fundraiser;

1.3 Fundraising is prohibited to be carried out if it contains elements:
i. Pornography, adult content and contains elements of sexuality;
ii. Content that we think is identified as supporting terrorist activities, spreading hatred, violence, harassment, bullying, discrimination, or intolerance related to race, ethnicity, religious affiliation or activities that we would think would cause
split later;
iii. Counterfeit, misleading, inaccurate, dishonest content or campaigns, campaigns with unrealistic targets and campaigns that mimic (imitation) the campaign of other parties in Mercy and Fundraising outside the BelasKasih site without the consent of the other party;
iv. Content relating to sharp and dangerous objects such as: knives, explosives, ammunition, firearms and others;
v. Human trafficking, human exploitation and bribery;
vi. There is music, film, software or other material in campaign content that is not licensed or authorized by the rights holder;
vii. Relating to narcotics and other hazardous substances;
viii. Relating to gambling, betting, lottery, lottery or lottery;
ix. Activities that can damage the environment and natural habitat;
x. Collect or raise funds for any purpose other than as described in the description of the campaign;
xi. Content or activities that according to the Scriptures are not acceptable.

1.4 If the Fundraising campaign is in the form of a work / idea, then the campaigner states that the idea or work is an original work or with a certain permit if it comes from the work of another party as stipulated in the laws and regulations concerning applicable Intellectual Property Rights;

1.5 Compassion You are not responsible for misuse, unauthorized use, violation of Intellectual Property Rights carried out by the campaigner;

1.6 Campaigners are prohibited from including personal or other account numbers in the campaign for any reason, BelasKasih has the right to delete the account number if this provision is violated;

1.7 Compassion You are authorized to censor / delete images that we consider disturbing or inappropriate for public display;

1.8 Donations received can be disbursed after the account and bank account are verified within a maximum of 3×24 hours after the donation is received, if there is a delay, please contact support@belaskasih.com;

1.9 Every Fund that goes into the Goodness Wallet is a clean donation that has been deducted by administrative fees;

2.0 Especially for donors who make donations using a Credit Card, the nominal donation will be deducted by administrative fees and the cost of deduction from the Credit Card automatically;

2.1 Donations contained in the campaigner’s Kindness Wallet can be disbursed by clicking “Disbursement of Funds” on the menu on the dashboard;

2.2 Campaigners are responsible for what has been written and promised on the campaign page;

2.3 Each process of disbursing the Fund will be subject to administrative fees from disbursement partners of BelasKasih. Details of these fees can be seen by clicking here;

2.4 That if there is a tax and / or retribution and / or other legal levies on donations given, then we can be able to set additional costs for each campaign in accordance with the applicable amount;

2.5 Campaigners are obliged to fulfill the rewards / rewards that have been promised to donors;

2.6 Campaigners are obliged to provide reports on the implementation or development of campaigns transparently through the “Update” feature on the Belas site to be known by the public and donors on each page of the campaign made;

2.7 If you as a campaigner do not / have not updated on the campaign page after making the first withdrawal, then we have the right
to hold your disbursement until our clause (agreement) is fulfilled;

2.8 Campaigners must provide information or reports through the BelasKasih website
if the implementation of the campaign is not in accordance with the plan and / or if there is a reward / reward that cannot be fulfilled by the Donor;

2.9 If there is a special cooperation agreement between the campaigners and BelasKasih,
then both parties must carry out their obligations as they have
stated in the cooperation agreement;

3.0 Campaigners are fully responsible for the implementation of the campaign, the use of donation funds, and other matters related to his campaign. Therefore, the campaigner states and is willing to replace all losses suffered by BelasKasih if this happens in the future, including releasing BelasKasih from every legal claim that arises on problems caused and caused by the campaigner.

Campaigner Account Verification

Each campaigner must verify the account to disburse the Fund. Account verification needs to be done so that we have data regarding the person / institution responsible for a campaign.
We will complete the verification process for the campaigner account within a maximum of 2 working days. The account verification process can only be done online through the BelasKasih website.

During the account verification process, we will ask for some data and files according to the campaigner account type, whether individual or organization / foundation.
Organizations that do not have proof of legal entity organizations will be considered individual types. The data and files requested during the verification process are as follows:

a. Individual account: Scan the Identity card (KTP), social media account and account number. The account name will be adjusted to the identity card that you attached during the account verification process. The account number attached must be on behalf of the campaigner himself who must also be in accordance with the identity card attached;

b. Organizational / Foundation Account: Scan NPWP on behalf of Organization / Foundation, Deed of establishment, account holder’s identity card, account number in the name of Organization / Foundation, telephone number of account holder and social media. The account number and NPWP attached must be on behalf of the foundation. If needed, Kitabisa has the right to carry out a further verification process in the form of requesting additional supporting files, online interviews, visits, and other forms of verification according to the type and category of campaign. We reserve the right to refuse verification of your account if it has not met the standards set by Kitabisa.

Mercy is entitled to investigate an or several campaigns which are deemed worthy of further investigation.
Therefore, you agree to cooperate well and provide information as correctly and as detailed as possible.

A. Disbursement of funds

You as a campaigner can withdraw funds from donations collected on each of your campaigns at any time after your account and account are verified.
In the account verification process, you can do it once for each campaign page. However, this results in you having to verify the account in every campaign that you make, if you have multiple campaigns in one account.
The conditions for conducting account verification, namely:

1.1 Already verified the account;
1.2 Campaign already has at least one donor.

You can choose where the donation money will be disbursed if it meets the criteria we have set, namely:

i. Own campaigner account;
ii. Third party account. What is meant by third party is the beneficiary, beneficiary family, or donation channeling foundation. In this provision, the campaigner
must include the reason for transferring disbursement to a third party and attaching it
scan identity on behalf of the person concerned. Special disbursement to organizations / foundations,
The campaigner needs to add a scanned NPWP attachment on behalf of the relevant organization / foundation.
iii. Belas dealer partner account Thank you. You just need to contact us to process this option.

Donation funds contained in the campaign can be transferred at any time to other parties by involving an agreement between the campaigner and BelasKasih, this can occur if:
i. Beneficiary who wants to get benefits or assistance from the campaign has died;
ii. Beneficiary who wants to get benefits or assistance from a recovered campaign or refuses to get compensation;
iii. Donation funds exceed the planned target, some of the more donated funds can be given to other parties;
iv. Campaigners are proven to use part or all of the donation funds without the consent of the beneficiary concerned;
v. The status of the campaigner is undergoing a legal process with the authorities;
vi. Certain conditions that are according to Belas You need to transfer donation funds.

Warning: Compassion has the right to refuse account verification, suggest account verification options and unilaterally change account options that are verified.
Refusal, suggestion, or change in account verification becomes the prerogative of BelasKasih.
We need to reiterate that you as a campaigner are responsible for the message that you submitted yourself in accordance with what is stated in the content of the campaign.
After our donation is channeled to the campaigner, you are required to provide a report on the use of funds which will later be seen in the update feature on our site.
We are not responsible for everything that happens to money donations that have been disbursed to the campaigner.

B. BelasKasih’s authority over Campaigners

1.1 Compassion has the right to edit / delete campaign descriptions
and an update description if the campaigner:
i. Include account numbers other than in the name of BELAS KASIH;
ii. Proved to profitee the name of the 3rd party without permission and the knowledge of the person concerned was well aware of us and the report;
iii. In our opinion, containing elements of hate speech to third parties as well as BelasKasih;

1.2 Compassion is entitled to transfer disbursement of donations belonging to the campaigner’s account
unilaterally if the campaigner:
i. Proved to commit fraud along with evidence that we obtained through investigation and reports from the public;
ii. Request the campaigner himself;
iii. Campaigner has died.

1.3 Compassion has the right to refuse / delay account verification or freeze accounts and withdrawal of donations if the campaigner:
i. Not sending data required by BelasKasih.com;
ii. If the funds collected must be given directly to the beneficiary in accordance with the applicable provisions;
iii. If we have a reason and evidence that the campaigner violates the terms of service on our site;
iv. If needed in order to fulfill court orders, orders, government decisions or applicable legal provisions in Indonesia.


All donations from donors are a risk from the donors themselves. Our site does not guarantee that every campaign on our site is free of fraud and abuse. If in the future you believe that there is fraudulent content and misuse of funds or other suspicions in the campaign on our site, you can report this by clicking the ‘report’ button available on each campaign.

A. Obligation to become a donor

Donors must:

1.1 Full responsibility for donations given, for this reason donors must observe all information regarding ideas and / or fundraising campaigns posted on the site before providing support;

1.2 Do not provide additional false and / or misleading information on all pages, links and various other forms of media from a fundraising campaign at BelasKasih.com;

1.3 Responsible for donations that have been channeled and realize the consequences that campaigners may not be able to implement partially or fully on the campaign and / or rewards / rewards promised earlier in the campaign;

1.4 Donors realize that BelasKasih is only responsible for the distribution of donations to the campaigner;

1.5 Donors must observe every time they want to make a donation to the campaign, we do not recommend donors to donate to a campaign that contains elements of obscurity, lies, suspicion, fraud and activities prohibited by the state. BelasKasih not responsible for negligence of donors for things that we have warned above;

1.6 Agree not to question and / or legally sue the Belas for the misuse of donations made by the campaigner;

1.7 Understand that donating using a Credit Card will be charged an administrative fee from the Kitab Credit Card partner. The nominal amount of donations will be automatically deducted by administrative fees;

1.8 Donors are available if contacted by BelasKasih at any time even though it is recorded as anonymous (anonymous donation) for certain purposes;

1.9 Do not conduct money laundering and / or use money originating from unauthorized sources in donating money to support ideas and / or fundraising campaigns on the site.

B. Donor Provisions

Donors understand that:

1.1 Every donation that goes into a campaign will be deducted by a 3% administration fee, except for the category of natural disasters and zakat which are initiated by verified organizations and official institutions which are set at 0% (zero percent);

1.2 Donation that enters BelasKasih without using a unique code and does not confirm (3 days after the funds go into the BelasKasih account) will be recorded as a general donation which is then distributed by the Book to an organization campaign at random;

1.3 Funds entered through the wallet top-up feature at Belas can only be donated and can be redeemed by deducting the transfer fee;

1.4 The Platform Provider facilitates the distribution of Funds through the Platform to Campaigners and / or Beneficiaries;

1.5 Funds received will be entered into the Wallet on behalf of the Campaigner no later than 3 (three) x 24 (twenty four) hours since the Fund transferred by the Donor has been verified by the Platform Provider;

1.6 Without prejudice to the right of refusal and / or delaying Account Verification, Content and / or Disbursement of Funds from Platform Providers, Funds that enter into the Wallet on behalf of Campaigners are fully the rights of Beneficiaries, which must be accounted for and can only be used for the Implementation of Campaigns.

C. Contact Information

Donors can take advantage of the contact information posted on each Campaign page to find out the details of a Campaign and / or Implementation of a Campaign.

D. Anonymous Donations and Outside Network Donations

1.1 Donors understand by donating anonymously (anonymous donation),
then the Donor’s name and email address will not be visible and / or appear on the Campaign page in question, but we can still see the name
and email addresses of donors in full.

1.2 Donors who make offline donations by transferring funds directly to a Campaigner’s personal account, and not through Wallets on the Platform, agree to release and release the Platform Provider from any liability for losses that may be experienced in connection with donations outside the network .

E. Random Campaign

Donors agree on:

1.1 Donors make donations by diverting funds to the Platform without using the unique code sent by the Platform Provider, so that they are recorded as general donations; and / or

1.2 A Campaign is closed by the Platform Provider because the relevant Campaigner violates, allegedly violates or has the potential to violate the Terms and Conditions, the Platform Provider has the right to channel Funds that have entered the Platform to the Random Campaign.

F. Refund

BelasKasih can make refunds of donors if:

1.1 Campaign is terminated by BelasKasih either with or without the campaigner’s approval in accordance with security standards and verification of BelasKasih.

1.2 Request for campaigners and / or beneficiaries to return donated money to donors who are mobilized online through the BelasKasih website.

Attention: The refund provisions apply only if the request is made before the donation money is entered into the campaigner’s wallet, donations are returned through the good wallet feature and can be donated in a campaign or on the BelasKasih site, it should be noted that donations in the good wallet cannot be cashed back.

G. Intellectual Property Law

All Intellectual Property Rights on this site are owned by BelasKasih. All information and materials listed on our site are: logos, icons, html codes and other codes on this website are prohibited from being modified, reproduced or modified in any way outside the territory of this site without the permission stated by Kitabisa.
If you violate these rights, we have the right to make a civil suit for the total damage or loss suffered.
Violations of this point can be included in a crime.

I. Exceptions and Release of Liability

1.1 BelasKasih is not responsible for all matters promised by campaigners to raise funds against beneficiaries or donors in the event of a dispute between them. BelasKasih does not provide guarantees for what happens later.

1.2 BelasKasih is not responsible for your dissatisfaction if the campaigner and / or beneficiary for the use of donations that have been raised on our site or sites supported by BelasKasih.

1.3 BelasKasih is not responsible for what happens if donations have been given to campaigners and / or beneficiaries such as theft, embezzlement or any action that causes loss of donation funds.

1.4 Under any circumstances, Platform Users will pay for BelasKasih losses and / or avoid BelasKasihs (including officers, directors, employees, agents, etc.) of any costs of loss, loss, expense or damage arising from claims or claims arising from third parties from User Platform violations of the Rules for the Use of BelasKasih , and / or violations of the rights of third parties.


1.6 If you find the site user later or find that there is a suspicious campaign or indicated fraud, you agree to assist and cooperate with BelasKasih to report to us and participate in helping resolve the case.

J. Copyright and Trademarks

All features contained in this site belong to the KITABISA INDONESIA FOUNDATION and are protected by Indonesian legal provisions contained in the HKI Act (Intellectual Property Rights). Therefore, site users are not permitted to abuse the features contained on this site for personal, collective or commercial purposes.

K. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions are governed, interpreted and implemented according to the laws of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia and Visitors and Users of the Platform subject themselves to the jurisdiction of the Indonesian National Abrasie Agency (BANI).

Every person intentionally and without the right to spread false and misleading news that results in consumer losses in Electronic Transactions will be entangled in criminal provisions written in Article 28 of Law Number 11 Year 2008 concerning Information and Electronic Transactions (UU ITE).

L. Sanctions

If the site user is proven to violate the terms and conditions that have been made intentionally or not done in part or as a whole, then:

1.1 We will notify / notify via message / e-mail or telephone to the user regarding what conditions are violated;

1.2 We will impose sanctions according to violations committed by site users.

M. Dispute Settlement and Forced Circumstances

1.1 In the event that there is a dispute or dispute arising from or relating to the interpretation or implementation of these Terms and Conditions, Platform Visitors
and Platform Users agree to use all efforts to resolve the dispute or dispute through deliberation to reach consensus.

1.2 All disputes arising from and / or in connection with these Terms and Conditions and / or the implementation of these Terms and Conditions, which cannot be resolved by deliberation, whether regarding injury or unlawful acts, including
regarding the termination and / or validity of these Terms and Conditions, it will be completed and decided through BANI in the local area. Even though there is a dispute or dispute, the Platform Visitor or Platform User must continue to fulfill its obligations under these Terms and Conditions, without reducing the enforceability of the final arbitration decision.

1.3 You understand and understand that our Platform can stop operating because of events beyond human capabilities and or cannot be avoided such as war, riots, fires, natural disasters, strikes and other disasters declared by the authorized agency.


Thus the terms and conditions for using the BelasKasih site, by using this site, the user is deemed to have read, understood, understood and agreed to all the contents in these terms and conditions. For your attention and agreement, we thank you.